A new educational tool

GravBot is the First Interactive Gravity Simulator. It is an Educational Tool that allows students of all ages to experience gravity on different planets through experiential learning.

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Meet the GravBot

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How does it work?

By manipulating the gravity slider the operator can choose to simulate planets that are more, or less massive than earth.

Moving the slider left of center causes air to flow out of the bottom of the puck to decrease friction and simulate lower gravitational forces.

Moving the slider right of center causes air to flow into the bottom of the puck to increase friction and simulate higher gravitational forces.

The Random button will randomly choose a planet to simulate. The user then must play with the GravBot to determine what planet is being simulated, and then guess using the slider.

The Play/Pause button will pause or resume the operation of the motor inside of the GravBot.

Classroom Integration

  • Allows for demonstrations of gravity on other planets
  • Provides a way to gamify science concepts
  • Supplies teachers with a tool for group activities
  • Equips teachers with an alternative to traditional lectures
  • Offers easy incorporation into lab experiments
  • Gives teachers a way to add a visual and physical component to their lesson plan
  • Creates a more tactile explanation of hard to grasp concepts


Simulate Gravity

  • Simulates gravity on other planets
  • Demonstrates the relationship between gravity, friction, and motion
  • Graph position, velocity, and acceleration
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  • Design your own planet to simulate
  • Create integrated quiz questions
  • Planet guessing game
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Mobile Integration

  • iOS and Android integration
  • Control with your smart device


Our integrated store is being updated. Please visit our Shopify store to get your GravBot and accessories!


Height 2.5 in
Diameter 8.5 in
Weight 1.8 lbs
Hardware ATmega328P
Batteries Two (2) 600 mAh
Materials ABS plastic, Closed cell foam, Vinyl
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